Please find below some pen pictures of  2015 year’s 2ltr hot rod drivers. They are a bit “tongue in cheek” and if they offend, oh well!?! – Steve B

5 Terry Sewall – “El Tel” is (was?) a confirmed member of the Astra brigade having won the Gold roof and East Anglian championships in a Mark 3 version. There have been various Mk 1 versions raced over a number of years going back to the now defunct Alwalton track in Peterborough. The Red 5 will be emblazoned on a Corsa this season with “McQueen” trying this model of Vauxhall in 2015. This driver has more nicknames than anyone else and is normally seen in the pits with a smile on his face. A definite supporter of budget rod racing.

52 Andy Smith – The March based owner of a ground working company has returned to racing in a very smart Anglia 105E. “Smithy” originally started to build the car for the Classic Hot Rod formula but was disheartened by the amount of money being spent on these cars and the amount of contact also! Although Andy’s car does not quite conform to the Swaffham rules due to the dry sump engine, he is a confirmed regular attender who races for fun. Rumour has it that he has got back his former Focus hot rod that he is going to re-panel.

19 Luke Retchless – 2014 points and gold roof champion, Luke is the “baby” of the formula being about the only one under forty! He has matured into a very capable driver and always races a very tidy car. He has had previous experience in racing a grand prix midget with other members of the Retchless racing team. Never afraid to express an opinion, Luke will be joint driver’s rep this year. A new car, another Saxo, is in the pipe line for 2015. Perhaps the old man (Phil) will make an appearance in the last season’s car?

97 William Ellis – Wild Bill is an old school hot rodder peddling his rwd twin cam Starlet around the raceway. A very experienced driver having raced in rod formula’s for longer than he cares to remember. Talking of memory, there was an occasion last year where Bill forgot to go out for a heat as he was drinking a cup of tea! Always tries the outside run which very often pays off for him. Third in last year’s point’s championship.

217 Mick Thorogood – The 2014 Winter Nationals champion, Wurzel raced two different Fords last season, a KA and a Fiesta. For the 2015 season, Mick will be racing a brand new WayneTech Corsa “C”. A driver that really enjoys his racing and again has been around for twenty plus years having started racing at the now defunct Alwalton Raceway where he was a former champion.

444 John Thorogood – Son of the aforementioned Mick, John has previously raced a Mondeo rod at Swaffham but due to the down turn in this formula, has decided to have a go in the hot rods. Another new car from the Thurgood stable, this time a Corsa “B”. We wish him well. Possibly one to watch this year.

83 Tomas Butkus – This could be a first for Swaffham Raceway as Tomas is from Lithuania (as is his mechanic Zydrunas) and I am not aware of any others from this area of Eastern Europe racing on the short ovals of Britain. Tomas started to watch the hot rods last year helping out Steve Brattan at the track etc. This has spurred him on to get his own car, a Tigra, to race this year. We wish him well in his rookie season.

154 Jem Probert – Team leader of the Jackass racing team, Jem enjoys his tarmac racing despite having a shale background racing at the Scunthorpe track. Living in deepest darkest Lincolnshire, this means a fair old trek to race at Swaffham. He lives less than ten miles from Skeggy but prefers to travel. He has invested in some improvements to the Corsa “B” this year uprating the rear suspension and other mods completed by former racer John Wright. Always up for a laugh and quite often the instigator of “micky taking” in the pits

.371 Mark Sewell – The daddy of the formula having been one of the leading lights for a number of years and one of the founder members. Mark is passionate about maintaining a budget hot rod formula at Swaffham and encouraged others to build cars to the rules/specification that he helped to formulate. Has forsaken his Astra for a Corsa which will no doubt be on the pace this season. Always a hard charger and leader of the Astra brigade.

067 Mark Walker – Long distance travellerfrom South Yorkshire to race at Swaffham and is a regular attender and a backbone of the formula. Mark has been racing a well turned out Fiesta for a number of years. Another firm believer in budget racing and the foundations of the formula. A regular contributor to the forum.

375 Steve Brattan – Yet another experienced “old” rod racer that has raced for various promotions in different formulas. The Brat was second in the points last year racing his Tigra which has been revamped for this season by WayneTech installing a semi-space framed rear end. Has been appointed joint rep by the other drivers. Not sure why as Steve is always shy and retiring in the pits?!?